The “Wine Doctor” and Maroon Wines Make the Perfect Pairing

Taste and Experience the First Ever Full-Strength Resveratrol Enhanced Wine

Napa Valley, CA – Dr. Philip Norrie, a family physician in Sydney, Australia, has created the world’s first full-strength resveratrol enhanced wine. Now he’s giving you a chance to taste and experience his wine for yourself. Known as the “Wine Doctor”, Dr. Norrie’s unique “resveratrol enhanced wine” is now being sold exclusively by Maroon Wines in Napa Valley.

The Wine Doctor’s therapeutic wine is considered the healthiest wine in the world because it has up to 100mg/l of resveratrol. Typical white wines have 1-2 mg/l of resveratrol and red wines usually have 3-6 mg/l of resveratrol.

Health Benefits of the Wine Doctor’s Resveratrol Enhanced Wine

Resveratrol’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are five-time stronger than vitamin E and C. It occurs in the grape skin and protects the grape from fungal infection at vintage. It is also the only substance that stimulates the production of sirtuin-1, which helps cells live longer by making the mitochondria, the energy-producing part of the cell cytoplasm, work harder. Since the anti-oxidants in wine are not stored in the body, regular consumption, in moderation, of the Wine Doctor’s wines will deliver a medicinal dose of resveratrol.

The Wine Doctor’s wine is a 100% Shiraz wine made from fruit grown in the Barossa Valley. This South Australian region also supplies the Shiraz fruit for the famous Penfolds Grange wine. Through Maroon Wine, everyone has access to the Wine Doctor’s resveratrol-enhanced wine. It’s not only delicious but an anti-aging, disease-fighting powerhouse.

About the Wine Doctor

Dr. Norrie is a medical historian who holds four Masters Degrees, a Ph.D., and a Doctor of Medicine by thesis (medical and wine history). The Wine Doctor is the most degreed doctor in Australia. He has also written eighteen books on medical and wine history. His Ph.D. about the history of wine as a medicine is being converted into a book called, “The History of Wine as a Medicine from its Beginnings in China to the Present Day.” The book contains a chapter exclusively about resveratrol. This chapter was written by Dr. Joseph Maroon, the famous neurosurgeon, and expert on concussion and NFL spinal and head injuries. Maroon advocates on the health benefits of resveratrol and wrote his own book called “The Longevity Factor” about the subject. His cousin is Paul Maroon, Owner, and Vintner of Maroon Wines. From his extensive education, knowledge, and experience, Dr. Norrie, the Wine Doctor, has found potent and unique links between food, wine, medicine, and history.

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The Wine Doctor and Resveratrol Wines

We are currently offering the 2016 Wine “Doctor” Barossa Valley Shiraz on the Maroon Wines Store.